Should Tail Docking and Ear Cropping be Legal in Ontario?

A rapidly-growing petition is currently underway in the UK to halt the alarming rise in illegal ear cropping of dogs. While this practice is already illegal in the UK, it remains wildly popular, and illegal “croppers” are seemingly not difficult to find. In fact, from 2015 to 2020, the rise in reports of ear croppings… Read more

Adoptable Pet Shortage Leads to Increase in Exotic Pet Keeping

The pandemic has caused worldwide shortages in everything from toilet paper to flour, and now it’s everything from kittens to puppies. An increasing number of people are (thanks to COVID-19) taking advantage of the working-from-home way of life to adopt a new puppy or kitten. While this has been wonderful news for animal rescues and… Read more

Community Spotlight: The Georgian Triangle Humane Society

Across Canada, there are over one thousand pet rescues focused on rescuing, aiding, and rehoming dogs, cats, and even exotic animals in need. Among these animal rescues include 170 SPCA or Humane Society facilities. As veterans in the fight for animal rights, these organizations have paved the way for accessible pet services in Canada for… Read more

Fake Dog Rescues The Newest Pet Industry Scam

Every industry has it’s share of scammers, and the pet industry is certainly no exception. While pet-related scams have been coming and going for decades, they’ve really ramped up over the last year. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the number of pet-related scams involving fake dog… Read more

Homeless People with Pets at Canadian Pet Connection

Should Canadian Homeless Shelters Allow Pets?

A controversial topic, and one that has been receiving a lot of media attention lately, is the discussion surrounding companion animals in homeless shelters. On one hand is the argument that pets can be a strain on the already meager budgets allocated to helping our country’s homeless population. Especially when many animals require veterinary attention,… Read more

Should Pet Grooming Be Considered An Essential Service?

There’s a heavy debate happening in the pet industry right now regarding the importance of pet grooming services. During Ontario’s lockdown restrictions, pet services across the board are either operating under constraints, or have completely shut down.  Last week, the Ministry of Health confirmed that dog walkers are permitted to work during the province’s lockdown… Read more

Canadian Pet Food Brands Leading The World in Innovation

Recently, we released the Top 21 Canadian Dog Foods of 2021 rankings; an update to the wildly popular 2020 article that receives tens of thousands of monthly reads. This article showcases the best Canadian pet food manufacturers, and highlights the fascinating things they do to further innovation in their industry. Over the last two decades,… Read more

Studies Show Having Pets Can Affect Your Relationship

The important role that pets play in potential new relationships is vital, yet often unspoken. A recent survey found that approximately 86% of pet owners would break-up with a new romantic partner that didn’t like their pet. For longer-term relationships existing one year or more, almost all respondents participating in the survey confirmed their pet… Read more

Should Emotional Support Animals Be Allowed on Commercial Flights?

Recently, Alaskan Airlines announced that they will no longer be allowing emotional support animals on flights starting this year. Under their new policy, only service dogs will be allowed on flights, and will have to be approved in advance. What’s the difference between an emotional support dog and a service dog? An emotional support animal… Read more