Can Cats Eat a Plant-Based Diet?

Did you know that vegetarians and vegans make up approximately ten percent of the Canadian population? With more than three million plant-based eaters in this country, there is certainly no shortage of demand for plant-based food options for people. Whether its for ethical, environmental, or nutritional reasons, Canada is clearly experiencing a culture shift when… Read more

How To Safely Take Indoor Pets Outside

This time of year, everyone can benefit from some extra fresh air. This includes pets that don’t normally spend much time outdoors, such as indoor cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, and more. But before taking your furry friend outside to catch some rays, it’s important to be aware of the risks. Eliminate Escape Routes The most… Read more

How To Perform A Home Health Check On Your Cats

Performing a home health check on your cat is an important part of their regular care. Cats are masters at disguising ailments, with many owners only noticing symptoms when their cat becomes gravely ill. In fact, most pet owners who have lost a feline friend will often reflect on how their cat suddenly became sick,… Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Catnip

Catnip has been a favourite treat among cat owners for generations. In fact, catnip was quite commonly used in medieval times for herbal medicines, cooking, and to liven-up house cats and barn cats. Many cat owners express concern about this mysterious herb, and question the potential psychological effects of catnip exposure. Let’s break it down…. Read more

Dealing With Feline Aggression

Is your cat angry, or violent towards other cats in your home? They may be experiencing feline aggression. Cats are wonderful companions, but as with every pet, there are always complications. Behavioural issues, like aggression, can quickly upset the balance in a household. Feline aggression is a common issue that often goes unaddressed for prolonged… Read more

prevent and stop hairballs

How To Prevent Hairballs

This time of year, we’re inundated with questions from cat owners about hairballs. Cats have grown their full winter-coat, and have more dense hair now than any other time of year. With this comes a lot of extra grooming and licking, often resulting in an increase in hairballs. Hairballs, while relatively safe, can cause intestinal… Read more

Keeping Pet Hair Under Control

At some point, virtually every pet owner will have to accept one simple fact: pets shed constantly. And on thing all pet owners quickly learn is that keeping pet hair under control can be a daily struggle.  Year round, pet owners are up against a never-ending onslaught of pet hair to clean up. It sticks… Read more

learn more about urinary health for cats at Canadian Pet Connection

Feline Urinary Health

Through their lifetime, many cats will experience problems with their urinary health. This can be an incredibly painful ordeal, and can be fatal if left untreated. While there are many reasons as to why this happens, one thing is clear: taking preventive measures to ensure long-term urinary health is essential. From diet and supplementation, to… Read more

Should you declaw your cat? Learn the truth about feline declawing

The Truth About Feline Declawing

This past week, Officials in the province of British Columbia announced that declawing cats will no longer be legal as of sometime in the next few weeks. They will be joining Nova Scotia as the only other Province in Canada to ban the practice. This ruling is based on grounds stating that declawing is inhumane,… Read more