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Meet The Pet Expert – Brandon Forder
Brandon Forder is a pet health professional and co-owner of Canadian Pet Connection, an industry leading pet supply company specializing in pet nutrition, health, behaviour and lifestyle. CPC was founded in 1994 by Brandon’s father, Lorne Forder, when Brandon was only 14 years old. Fast forward to today, and Brandon is now the face of a new generation of young pet health professionals working with top veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and animal behavioural experts around the world. Pet health and nutrition has been his passion for almost 25 years, and he believes that education is the most important component for successful pet companionship. He has dedicated his life to educating his clients one-on-one about everything from understanding pet food ingredients, to managing health problems, and everything in between. Brandon is dedicated to providing his clients with world-class knowledge and expertise regarding all things pets. He has written articles for several animal publications, magazines, blogs and newspapers–in addition to writing for the CPC Facebook page, Twitter profile and blog.

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Holiday Stress: Helping Your Pets Cope

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s a very exciting time for people, holiday stress can be hard on our pets. Many pets are well-suited to welcome the extra friends and attention that come with holiday hosting; however, others don’t handle it so...

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Foods That Aren’t Safe For Dogs

There are many foods that aren't safe for dogs, and with the holiday season comes a whole slew of tasty festive treats you wouldn’t normally have in your home. This time of year especially, we look forward to visiting and hosting with loved ones, but we...

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Holiday Hazards for Pets

Holiday hazards for pets should be a first priority when preparing for the festive season. With the holidays fast approaching, it is always a good idea to review the festive items in your home for pet safety purposes. While many simple Christmas...

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How to get rid of litter box odours

Trying to figure out how to get rid of litter box odours can be frustrating. No matter how much we cat owners love our cats, the one thing we can agree on is this: we all hate cleaning the litter box! With the holidays quickly approaching, cat owners are...

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Preparing Your Dog for Winter

Whether you like it or not, Winter is coming, and there's no better time than now for preparing your dog for Winter. And while it’s common sense to winterize things like your home, your car, or your cottage, not every pet owner thinks about preparing their...

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Living With A Senior Dog

As dogs grow older, they inevitably go through several life changes. And while taking a proactive approach is best, the telltale signs of becoming a senior dog often sneak up on pet owners. Recognizing these signs is the first step to helping your pooch live his best...

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Crickets: The Future of Pet Foods?

When thinking about the best quality sources of protein for our pets, crickets aren’t usually the first thing to come to mind. And in fact, up until a few years ago, they weren’t even on the pet industry radar. But recently there has been an explosion in...

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Does My Dog or Cat Need Senior Pet Food?

The term “Senior” is a commonly used term in the pet industry. Senior pet food, including senior dog food and senior cat food, are readily available at any pet store. And while most pet owners classify senior pets as elderly, what many don’t realize is age...

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