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Meet The Pet Expert – Brandon Forder

Brandon Forder is a pet health professional and co-owner of Canadian Pet Connection, an industry leading pet supply company specializing in pet nutrition, health, behaviour and lifestyle. CPC was founded in 1994 by Brandon’s father, Lorne Forder, when Brandon was only 14 years old. Fast forward to today, and Brandon is now the face of a new generation of young pet health professionals working with top veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and animal behavioural experts around the world. Pet health and nutrition has been his passion for almost 25 years, and he believes that education is the most important component for successful pet companionship. He has dedicated his life to educating his clients one-on-one about everything from understanding pet food ingredients, to managing health problems, and everything in between. Brandon is dedicated to providing his clients with world-class knowledge and expertise regarding all things pets. He has written articles for several animal publications, magazines, blogs and newspapers–in addition to writing for the CPC Facebook page, Twitter profile and blog.

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The Truth About Prescription Pet Foods

Is prescription pet food good quality? Why is it more expensive to buy food at the veterinarians office? These are a few of the questions we hear every single day from clients all over the country. Let's take a closer look at the truth about prescription pet...

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The Best Ferret Foods in Canada

Ferrets make  for unique and rewarding pets, providing their basic needs are met. Aside from the stigma of having a musky, corn chip-like odour at times, ferrets have a ton of upside as they are intelligent and affectionate little critters. Ferrets do not require much...

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Does My Dog Need Breed-Specific Dog Food?

The pet industry is a fast-paced entity, continually evolving and adapting. In one of the most competitive industries in the world, manufacturers and product developers are always looking for a unique, competitive edge. The race to be first to market with new,...

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Smack Dehydrated Raw Pet Food Review

Since 2008, Smack Pet Foods have been proudly producing high quality pet products out of their Winnipeg, Manitoba facility. The Smack team are committed to providing pets with the healthiest, and most convenient foods in today’s pet food marketplace. Their foods are...

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How Troubled Teens Can Benefit From Dogs

Therapy dogs, especially those providing emotional support, have become increasingly popular over the last decade. In the United States alone, there are more than half a million registered therapy and service canines. These admirable helpers serve many purposes; they...

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Safely Driving With Dogs

What is more synonymous with summer than road trips with family and friends? With the windows down, and the radio turned up, summer road trips make for some of the best life-long lasting memories.And, what would a road trip be without your best four-legged friend...

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How Changes in the OSPCA Affect Our Pets

For over one hundred years, the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) has provided welfare protection services for the Province. However, after giving less than one month’s notice that they will be discontinuing all animal enforcement and...

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Succession Planning For Your Pets

What happens to my pets if I die?This is not a pleasant situation to think about, but it is a reality all pet owners should plan for. We have life insurance policies to ensure our families are taken care of, and we make Wills to sort out our estates, but many pet...

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Arctic Charr Pet Treats Review

Arctic Charr is arguably the most exquisite freshwater fish in the world. Commonly weighing between two and ten pounds, arctic charr is a rare fish species primarily found in deep, cold, glacial lakes. It is a lovely fish; fine flaked, pink-fleshed, and jam-packed...

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Water Safety for Dogs

Spending time in the water can be a great source of fun and exercise for humans and dogs alike; low impact activities like swimming are great for your dog's joints, too. Whether you and your pooch frequent the beach, a river or stream, or a backyard pool,...

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