6 Sneaky Secrets of the Pet Food Industry

The pet food industry has evolved rapidly over the last decade, and with that, pet owners are now more educated than ever on what they feed their furry best buddies. In fact, the quality of today’s super-premium pet foods are not much different from meals served in fine-dining restaurants. And due to the multitude of… Read more

Can Cats Eat a Plant-Based Diet?

Did you know that vegetarians and vegans make up approximately ten percent of the Canadian population? With more than three million plant-based eaters in this country, there is certainly no shortage of demand for plant-based food options for people. Whether its for ethical, environmental, or nutritional reasons, Canada is clearly experiencing a culture shift when… Read more

The Truth About Prescription Pet Foods

Is prescription pet food good quality? Why is it more expensive to buy food at the veterinarians office? These are a few of the questions we hear every single day from clients all over the country. Let’s take a closer look at the truth about prescription pet foods. Pet food is big business. In 2018,… Read more

Does My Dog Need Breed-Specific Dog Food?

The pet industry is a fast-paced entity, continually evolving and adapting. In one of the most competitive industries in the world, manufacturers and product developers are always looking for a unique, competitive edge. The race to be first to market with new, innovative ideas is a constant struggle in a saturated marketplace where it seems… Read more

What Is A Limited Ingredient Dog Food Diet?

A limited ingredient diet is made with less ingredients compared to traditional pet foods, as dogs who are showing the symptoms of allergies or sensitivities may have an unexplained food allergy. It is also commonly referred to as a hypoallergenic diet. Reducing the total number of different ingredients in your dog’s food is the first… Read more

learn more about urinary health for cats at Canadian Pet Connection

Feline Urinary Health

Through their lifetime, many cats will experience problems with their urinary health. This can be an incredibly painful ordeal, and can be fatal if left untreated. While there are many reasons as to why this happens, one thing is clear: taking preventive measures to ensure long-term urinary health is essential. From diet and supplementation, to… Read more

learn how to avoid skunks and what to do if your dog gets sprayed

How To Avoid Skunks – And What To Do If Your Dog Gets Sprayed!

Did you know? Skunks live in all parts of Southern and Central Canada. In fact, the striped skunk, which most of us are familiar with, is native to Canada. And while keeping away from skunks may seem like common sense, it may take a little bit of careful planning depending on your environment. Whether you’ve… Read more

eco friendly eco conscious pet ownership

Eco Conscious Pet Ownership: How To Be A More Earth-Friendly Pet Owner

Earth day is this week, and people everywhere are choosing to find more planet-healthy alternatives to their everyday products. For pet owners, there are many ways to make a significant eco-friendly difference going forward. The first step towards eco conscious pet ownership begins with knowing which products cause the most harm to our planet. Top 5… Read more