Comfy Cone The Chill Collar for Dogs


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Comfy Cone The Chill Collar for Dogs is a great way to keep your dog cool during the warmer months. This collar is recommended by Vets to aid with overheating/heat exhaustion of flat faced breeds, such as Bulldogs or Pugs and for oversized dogs such as St Bernard’s, Great Pyrenees and working dogs that do agility.

Comfy Cone The Chill Collar for Dogs is easy to use, just fill with fresh water and place in freezer before using. The chill collar helps keep your pets cool for up to 2 hours outside on warm days or 4-5 hours inside. Pets can drink the water when they are finished playing, or use it as a way for your pets to carry their own water on long walks, when the Chill Collar is not needed for cooling!
Light weight, comfortable and never loses its shape, this collar has a unique hidden buckle and tight seal on plug that prevents leaking. Great for hiking or in hot climates and is not recommended for any dogs smaller than a French Bulldog with a thick neck. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large.

Why We Recommend Comfy Cone The Chill Collar for Dogs:

  • Great way to keep your dog cool in warmer months
  • Easy to use
  • Great for hiking or long, hot walks
  • Lightweight and comfortable


The Little Chill (small)
Size: 13.5” – 15.5β€œ
Diameter: 5β€³

The Chill Baby (medium)
Size: 16.5” – 18.5”
Diameter: 6β€³

The Just Chill (large)
Size: 19” – 21”
Diameter: 7β€³

The Big Chill (extra large)
Size: 22.5” – 24.5”
Diameter: 8


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