Armstrong Bird Seed Screen Feeder


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Armstrong Bird Seed Screen Feeder is designed for multiple finches or clinging birds to feed simultaneously. This feeder has a beautiful green finish, with an overhanging roof that protects your backyard friends. The bottom has drainage holes to ensure your seeds stay dry and fresh.

Armstrong Bird Seed Screen Feeder can hold 1 quart of a large mixed seed blend, or sunflower seeds. This feeder is easy to clean and fill. Simply, twist the top or bottom to lock and unlock for easy disassembling. A large hanging ring is included. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Armstrong Bird Seed Screen Feeder:

  • Attracts a variety of clinging birds and finches
  • Allows for multiple birds to feed simultaneously
  • Beautiful green finish
  • Overhanging roof
  • Drainage holes so water doesn’t pool
  • Holds 1 quart of large seed
  • Proud family owned and operated business


6 inch x 6 inch. x 13 inch.




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