SQUIRREL BUSTER – Outdoor Bird Feeders by Brome Bird Care

$38.99 CAD$127.99 CAD



The Brome Bird Care Squirrel Buster Outdoor Bird Feeder is the best anti-squirrel feeder on the market. This is an excellent choice to hang on your deck, in trees, and anywhere else you’d like also. It is important to use brackets or hooks to hang this feeder at the recommended clearance level. Using this feeder will help to prevent squirrels from destroying feeders, scaring away birds, and eating expensive seeds. Enjoy bird watching without squirrels getting in the way!
Why We Recommend The Squirrel Buster Outdoor Bird Feeder:

Easy to install, simply hang at the recommended distance
Effectively keeps squirrels out of your bird feeder
Stops squirrels from scaring away birds, too


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