Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs


Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs can handle any ear big or small! This ear cleaner is great for reducing wax and removing dirt, as well as soothing itchy ears and eliminating foul odours.

Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs uses only a handful of ingredients to provide your pet with a gentle and soothing formula. Oatmeal is used to sooth itching and salicylic acid helps the outer layer of the skin in your pet’s ear canal to shed, allowing for a quicker healing process. It is best to clean your pets ears after swimming or bathing to prevent ear infections and bacteria and to incorporate this cleaner into your pets normal grooming routine. Available in a 250 ml bottle and made in Canada. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Enviro Fresh Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs:

  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Reduces ear wax and removes dirt
  • Helps to soothe itchy ears
  • Eliminates foul odours
  • Economical
  • Gentle formula with oatmeal extract
  • Made in Canada


Filtered water, propylene glycol, salicylic acid, boric acid, glycolic acid, oatmeal extract


Shake bottle before using

Apply a liberal amount to the ear canal

Gently massage at base of ears

Wait a few seconds before wiping clean with a cotton ball or pad

Use 1-2 times weekly to maintain clean ears




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