FirstMate Grain Friendly Cat and Kitten Food


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FirstMate Grain Friendly Cat and Kitten Food is an affordable, premium food for cats of all life stages. This grain friendly formula is a highly nutritious and is an economical choice of cat food for cats and kittens who do not suffer from grain allergies. The chicken used in thisĀ  recipe is cage free and humanely raised, and is sourced from federally inspected farms too. It also includes wholesome wild caught herring, sardines, and tasty anchovies. Cats can’t resist the delicious, fishy flavour of this dry food.

FirstMate Grain Friendly Cat and Kitten Food is a complete and balanced diet. It contains everything your car needs to thrive, from kitten all the way up to senior. It is also fortified with a scientifically designed blend of essential vitamins and nutrients, to ensure nothing is missed. All of FirstMate’s new Grain Friendly Formulas are free of potato, soy, corn, and wheat. Because of this they are perfect for cats with different allergies or sensitivities. This recipe is available in two sizes: 2.3 KG or 6.6 KG. Ships to anywhere in Canada.

Why We Recommend FirstMate Grain Friendly Cat and Kitten Food:

  • A nutrient dense, high quality cat food
  • Contains everything your cat needs, no matter their age
  • More affordable than most grain-free diets
  • Uses humanely raised, fresh meats
  • Also free of potato, soy, corn and wheat

FirstMate Grain Friendly Cat and Kitten Food Ingredients:

Ocean Fish MealĀ  Chicken MealĀ  OatmealĀ  Brown RiceĀ  Chicken FatĀ  (Mixed Tocopherols)Ā  Phosphoric acidĀ  DLā€“Methionine Dicalcium PhosphateĀ  Choline ChlorideĀ  Taurine Calcium PropionateĀ  BlueberriesĀ  Raspberries CranberriesĀ  MineralsĀ  (Zinc ProteinateĀ  Iron ProteinateĀ  Calcium CarbonateĀ  Manganese ProteinateĀ  Copper ProteinateĀ  Sodium selenite Calcium Iodate)Ā  VitaminsĀ  (Vitamin E Supplement NiacinĀ  Thiamine mononitrateĀ  D-pantothenic Acid Vitamin A SupplementĀ  RiboflavinĀ  Pyridoxine HydrochlorideĀ  BiotinĀ  Vitamin B12 Supplement Vitamin D3 SupplementĀ  Folic Acid )Ā  KaleĀ  Yeast Extract


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