CLEANFLOW™ Filter Water Bowl by K & H Pet Products (Dogs and Cats)

$8.69 CAD$83.39 CAD



Quick Overview
• Filters contents up to 130 times per hour.• Available with or without additional reservoir tank• Charcoal filter helps remove impurities.• Invites more water consumption.• Easy cleaning reservoir and dishwasher safe bowl*.• Full 2-year warranty.

Our silent, leak proof design won’t splash on floors and carpet! It filters a full bowl up to 130 times per hour through charcoal that helps remove impurities. Keeping water fresh with the CleanFlow™ Water Filter invites more water consumption to help keep pet healthy. Easy cleaning and dishwasher safe. Available with or without the reservoir tank. Conversion kit also available separately if you need to upgrade the standard unit to a reservoir unit. Two-year warranty.CleanFlow Filtered Water BowlSmall = 80-oz.Medium = 1.4-galLarge = 2-galCleanFlow Filtered Water Bowl with ReservoirSmall = 80oz(bowl) + 90oz(reservoir)Medium = 1.4gal(bowl) + 1gal(reservoir)


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