PoochPad Reusable Absorbent SUV Pads


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PoochPad Reusable Absorbent SUV Pads are designed to trap in moisture and odours, preventing damage to your vehicle. These unique potty training pads are perfect for the back of vehicles, especially if you’re transporting puppies. They can also be used for senior dogs, dogs with incontinence issues, and even those with low mobility. They’re made with superfine microfibers that trap liquids and smells alike. Plus, they’re re-usable! Simply remove feces then machine wash after use.

PoochPad Reusable Absorbent SUV Pads are the biggest Pooch Pads made. They’re also designed to fit whelping boxes for breeders, too. They’re guaranteed for up to 300 washes, making them the most environmentally friendly pee pads on the market. This 48″ X 60″ pad is available in white or beige. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend PoochPad Reusable Absorbent SUV Pads:

  • Highly absorbent, stopping liquids from soaking through
  • Can be re-used up to 300 times
  • More environmentally friendly that traditional pads
  • An excellent puppy training pad
  • Fits whelping boxes, too


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