Eyenimal Intelligent Food Bowl



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The Eyenimal Intelligent Food Bowl provides an innovative, useful option for feeding your pets. As we all know, portioning out our pets food can be a difficult task. We go as far as using our own kitchen scales and measuring equipment to make sure they are getting the exact amount they need to stay healthy. Thankfully, Eyenimal has created the perfect solution for this. On this bowl, you will find a built in scale to ensure that your friend is getting the recommend amount of food. It is by far the easiest way to combat obesity in animals and maintain a healthy weight.

As you’ll see, the Eyenimal Intelligent Food Bowl comes in a 1 and 1.8 liter options, as well as two colour options. When purchasing this product, you know you’ll be investing in the well being of your pet and allowing them to live a happy, healthy life!

Why We Recommend The Eyenimal Intelligent Food Bowl:

  • Built in scale to correctly portion food
  • Helps combat obesity
  • Takes out the second guessing or inaccurate methods of measuring
  • Multiple sizes and colours
  • LED light for ease of reading


1L, 1.8L


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