Alcott Adventure Retractable Dog Leash


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Alcott Adventure Retractable Dog Leash is perfect for the dog who likes to wander and roam. Retractable leashes give your dog more independence and freedom.

Alcott Adventure Retractable Dog Leash is made with a soft grip handles and a reflective retractable belt (not cord) with high visibility stitching on both sides. Made with high-quality material, these leashes are 10′ to 16′ long and are designed to match the adventure collar or harness. If having any doubt, these leashes are covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Available in black, blue, pink and red and sizes extra-small, small, medium and large.

Why We Recommend Alcott Adventure Retractable Dog Leash:

  • Gives your dog more freedom
  • Soft grip handles
  • Reflective belt that spans 10′ to 16′
  • Designed to match Adventure Collar or Harness
  • Covered by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


Extra-Small:    Dogs up to 25 lbs., 10′ Length

Small:   Dogs up to 45 lbs., 16′ Length

Medium:   Dogs Up to 65 lbs., 16′ Length

Large:    Dogs Up to 115 lbs., 16′ Length




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