Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray For Dogs


Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray For Dogs is a great way to stop your dog from chewing or scratching unwanted areas. It is made with natural bitter agents, that are harmless and non-toxic. Because they taste awful, your dog will quickly learn to avoid touching them. This is an effective training tool that stops destructive behaviours effectively.

Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray For Dogs is super simple to use. Just spray it anywhere you want your pooch to avoid touching! This formula will not cause staining. Effective for cats, horses, ferrets, rabbits, and birds, too. It stops licking, chewing, and biting. Alcohol free and pH neutral.

Why We Recommend Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray For Dogs:

  • Effective training tool
  • Stops your pet from licking, chewing, scratching, and biting unwanted areas
  • Alcohol free, safe, non toxic
  • Made with bitter extracts


Purified Water, All Natural Bitter Principles & Extractives, Preservatives.


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