Tropiclean Dual Action Pet Ear Cleaner


Tropiclean Dual Action Pet Ear Cleaner is an innovative way of making sure your pet maintains great ear health. This ear cleaner effectively breaks down and eliminates build up within your pets ear, preventing infections. Unlike other options, this dual action cleaner also dries quickly which ensures that the additional moisture provided by the cleaner won’t lead to infections. This product truly covers every aspect of ear care and will guarantee beneficial results.

Additionally, this cleaner provides benefits such as reducing itching within the ear and swelling from infections.  For best results, use after a bath for a routine that increases overall hygiene and health.

Why We Recommend The Tropical Dual Action Pet Ear Cleaner:

  • Dual action, cleaning and drying
  • Eliminates odours created by dirty ears
  • Prevents and soothes ear infections
  • Breaks down and cleans gunk build up
  • Perfect for after bath use




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