Ziwi Peak Lamb Tripe Dog Chews


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Ziwi Peak Lamb Tripe Dog Chews are an exceptionally high quality dog treat that is made with just one ingredient; gently air dried lamb tripe. This flat, dehydrated chew is ideal for dogs of all ages, and sizes, although small puppies should always be supervised when chewing an edible treat. New Zealand lamb is the finest quality in the world; grown without added hormones, completely grass-fed and finished, and also free-range. It’s ethically sourced, using the world’s most humane farming practices.

Ziwi Peak Lamb Tripe Dog Chews are the perfect low calorie treat, as they’re high in protein, essential vitamins and nutrients, and it’s completely free from any fillers or added ingredients. This is a grain free, allergy-friendly treat, too. Because it’s air dried, the original wholesome nutrition is retained, making this one of the healthiest treat options available. It’s an excellent choice for dental health, too, as it gently removed build-up from your dog’s teeth as they chew. Available in an 80 gram pouch.

Why We Recommend Ziwi Peak Lamb Tripe Dog Chews:

  • Made with human grade New Zealand lamb tripe
  • Free from added hormones, preservatives, dyes, or fillers
  • Grain free and hypoallergenic
  • From free-range, grass fed lamb


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