Benebone Bacon Tough Chew Toys for Puppies


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Benebone Bacon Tough Chew Toys for Puppies is designed specifically for your new best friends to suit their size and mouths. This bone is all about providing a softer chew, while still being firm and durable.  This pack includes a dental chew with teeth-cleaning ridges that is easy to grip for those little paws.

Benebone Bacon Tough Chew Toys For Puppies are for puppies who are under 15 lbs and is bacon-flavoured all the way through the chew to be even more irresistible! Always make sure to keep a close, supervised watch while your new puppy chews away and make sure that your adult pups don’t get into the puppy toys because they’re more than likely to break the chew apart. Always ensure that your new besties have access to fresh, clean water. Comes in a pack of 2. Dimensions below.

Why We Recommend Benebone Bacon Tough Chew Toys For Puppies:

  • Designed specifically for puppies under 15 lbs
  • Suits their size and mouths
  • Provides a softer chew
  • Firm and durable
  • Includes a dental chew
  • Easy to grip for little paws
  • 100% real bacon flavour throughout the chew
  • Supervision required
  • Comes in a pack of 2


Nylon and real bacon


  • 2″ x 7″ x 7″



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