Totally Ferret Food

Totally Ferret is a premium brand of ferret food, made in the USA. Researchers from the Totally Ferret team has spent more than two decades studying ferret nutrition. Because of this, they have carefully refined their formulas to provide the best possible nutrition. They have three special formulas:

  • Active & Show, for performance and very active ferrets
  • Complete for everyday ferrets of all ages
  • Hypoallergenic Turkey and Venison for ferrets who don’t or can’t eat chicken

Each of these three recipes has been carefully designed to provide the best nutrition for your ferrets, at an affordable price. Emphasis is put on reducing unwanted body odours, as well as odours from stools and urine. This brand is committed to educating ferret owners, so that they can feed their ferret’s the best, healthiest ferret food available.