Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay

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Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay understands that your small herbivores need unlimited access to high-quality grass hays. With 100% certified organic ingredients, OXBOW Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay is one of the best. This grass hay is grown naturally, without the use of pesticides or sprays. This means that your pet is eating the most beneficial grass hay for them, and also for the environment. This high fiber product includes a variety of natural grass hays with various textures, flavours, and also smells. It is sweet, nutritious, and more importantly, it supports digestive health.

Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay stays on top of the nutritional benefits. Having grass hays in their cage creates a more enriching environment for small animals. This is because it creates an environment that is closer to their natural habitat. In order to thrive, small animals need unlimited access to grass hays all the time, as well as proper amounts of their regular food. Mixing various types of grass hays together increases excitement and promotes good eating habits. Feeding your pet a variety of different hays helps to prevent picky eating. Because it is a natural product, grass hay will not always look exactly the same. This grass hay has a USDA organic seal. That means that at least 95% of the ingredients in this product are certified organic. Comes in a 15 oz or 40 oz bag.

Why We Recommend Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay:

  • Grown organically, which is better for your pet and for the environment
  • A naturally sweet hay that promotes healthy eating habits
  • Creates an enriching environment for your pet
  • Promotes dental health
  • A necessary part of your small herbivore’s diet
  • Comes in a 15 oz or 40 oz bag


100% Organic Meadow Hay

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein min 10.0%
Crude Fat min 1.50%
Crude Fiber max 30.0%
Moisture max 15.0%

Feeding Guidelines:

Place large handfuls of hay in your pet’s habitat daily. If your pet finishes what is given, offer more. Over 75% of your pet’s diet should be grass hay.

2 reviews for Oxbow Bene Terra Organic Meadow Hay

  1. Jessica Rivet (verified owner)

    I buy this for my piggies as a “treat” so I can give them a wider variety of hay. They absolutely loved this one which is great because they are very picky eaters (or just spoiled maybe haha) so I’m always extra happy when I find a different type of hay that they’ll actually eat.

  2. trishs (verified owner)

    The organic Oxbow Meadow Hay is difficult to find and I am so glad it is offered here. Along with Timothy Hay, this is a favourite hay and staply for my rabbit. I am pleased with Canadian Pet Connection’s pleasant service and quick delivery. Thank you!

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