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Small herbivores need an unlimited supply of grass hays, and offering a variety of different hays is important. Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay has a sweet taste and smell that small animals seem to love. It is green in colour, and has a fruity smell. Orchard Grass is also a perennial plant, and it has flat leaves. In appearance, it looks just like timothy grass. Similar to other grass hays, it is high in fiber and low in protein. This makes it an excellent easy-to-digest grass hay for your pet. It has a soft texture and supports digestive health, which makes meal time much more appealing for small animals. When mixed with a variety of other grass hays, this hay can add excitement to your pet’s daily routine.

All small herbivores need grass hays in their diet in order to thrive. Orchard Grass also provides a long-strand fiber source that is needed to improve the digestive and intestinal functions by stimulating the digestive system. When animals are fed free-choice hay, it promotes their natural chewing behavior, which helps promote dental health.

Why We Recommend Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay:

  • Hand packed hay grass that is quality checked
  • Contains the right amount of fiber and nutrients
  • Promotes dental health and digestive health
  • Orchard Grass hay has a sweet, fruity taste and smell
  • Adds variety to your small pet’s diet and environment

Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay Ingredients:

100% Orchard Grass Preservative and Additive Free. Loose hay contains stems, leaves, and limited seed heads.

Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein min 7.00%
  • Crude Fat min 1.50%
  • Crude Fiber max 32.00%
  • Moisture max 15.00%
Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay Feeding Directions:

Growing Animals: Unlimited amountsMature Animals: Unlimited amounts
Orchard Grass can be fed free choice to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, prairie dogs and other herbivores as an alternative to timothy, oat hay, and brome. Free-choice means that the feed is available at all times. If they finish what is given, you need to give them more! Hay should not only be used for nutritional purposes, but also for mental stimulation and the promotion of natural foraging behavior.
Try feeding hay in new and inventive ways to increase consumption:

Rabbits like to eat hay in their litter box.
Fill a cardboard tube, basket or animal-safe toy with hay and place it in your pet’s favorite spot.
Put a layer of hay on the bottom of the cage and hide food/treats in the hay for foraging.
Put hay everywhere: the hutch, the corner, behind the couch, etc…
Offer a variety of mixed hays to tempt animals with sophisticated tastes.

How much do I feed daily?
It should be fed free choice daily. That means the hay should be available at all times. 75% of a small herbivore’s diet should be hay.


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