Oxbow Timothy Hay Carrot Treat for Small Animals


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Oxbow Timothy Hay Carrot Treat for Small Animals is super delicious and packed with beneficial fibre. Small animals need a combination of treats and toys in order to prevent cage boredom. Treats add variety to your pet’s diet. Toys, on the other hand, add exercise and entertainment. The Oxbow timothy hay carrot toy combines both of these for an experience your pet will love.

Oxbow Timothy Hay Carrot Treat for Small Animals are madeĀ entirely from all natural timothy grass hay, these toys are a high fiber, healthy treat. Your pet will love the cute carrot shape. They are tightly woven and therefore very durable. They are completely safe for your pet to eat.Ā Size: 220 x 60 mm

Why We Recommend The Oxbow Timothy Hay Carrot Treat:

  • Helps alleviate cage boredom
  • Very high in beneficial fiber
  • Completely edible and also all natural
  • Tightly woven and durable


High-fiber 100% Timothy HayPreservative and additive free

ā€œProviding the right food and environmental enrichment is critical to a pet’s health and well being.ā€Dr. Micah Kohles, DVM


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