Small Animal Cage Accessories

Buy small animal cage accessories and shop from the best online selection in Canada. Small animals require a number of items to make their cage or habitat a home. Some pets, such as rabbits, require a litter box. Chinchillas and some other small pets may need a bath house with dust so they can groom themselves.
All small animals will benefit from cozy huts, caves, and hideaways. Many small animals are nocturnal, which means they need a dark and quiet place to sleep during the day, while other pets like ferrets, love hammocks and soft cozy beds.  Some of the small animal cage accessories we carry are also edible! This means your pet can use them as a cozy hideaway, a soft bed, and also a fiber-rich treat. Browse our selection today to find the perfect lava ledge for your chinchilla, or exercise wheel for your guinea pig.

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