Aspen Pet Tailspin Flyer


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Aspen Pet Tailspin Flyer, formerly known as the Soft Bite Floppy Disc Dog Toy, is a classic and popular disc toy for dogs. This is the perfect interactive toy for playing fetch, and is also a great water toy. This disc is easy to throw for short or long distances, and flies as well as a plastic frisbee.

The difference between this toy and a plastic frisbee is that this toy won’t harm your dog’s teeth and gums. The Aspen Tailspin Flyer is lightweight, flexible, and durable. It also folds up to fit easily into your pocket or bag.

Why We Recommend Aspen Pet Tailspin Flyer:

  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight
  • Works just like a plastic frisbee without harming your dog’s teeth
  • Easily folds up
  • Also a great water toy!


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