Open Range Water Buffalo Natural Dog Treat Chews


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Open Range Water Buffalo Chews are a healthy treat for your dog that are made entirely from domestic water buffalo. These extra lean treats contain less than fifty percent of the fat found in beef, and also up to 60 percent less cholesterol. Yet, they’re still an exceptionally high source of protein, B vitamins, iron, zinc, and other essential vitamins and nutrients, too. They available as bully sticks, bully braids, back strap tendons, and also water buffalo horns. These treats are tough to chew, for even the heaviest of chewers! They also become malleable quite easily, making them a delicious treat for dogs of all sizes.

Open Range water buffalo bully sticks are a low-fat twist on classic bully sticks. They’re rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, including B-complex vitamins like B12. These vitamins help to improve metabolism, support the nervous system, and also prevent anemia. Available in a bulk boxes of the following sizes: 4″ case of 65, 6″ case of 45, 11″-12″ case of 45, and 22″-24″ case of 25.


Open Range water buffalo bully braids have all the goodness of the original bully sticks, but are thicker and last longer. Because these heavy-weight chews are thicker and rougher, they are also much better at cleaning the teeth. Plus, they’re delicious! Available in bulk boxes of the following sizes: 5″-6″ case of 30, and 11″-12″ case of 30.


Open Range water buffalo back strap tendons are a thick and chewy treat with a broad side for bigger mouths. But that’s not to say the little guys won’t love it, too! They’re even tougher than the bullysticks, making them a treat your dog will enjoy for longer. Available in a bulk case of 75.


Open Range water buffalo horns are comprised of the keratin sheath that naturally covers the bone part of the horn. Keratin is  very tough protein, that becomes gummy when chewed. This is an extra special treat for dogs! Stuff it with peanut butter or treats for longer-lasting fun. Available in a bulk case of 20.



Open Range Water Buffalo Natural Dog Treat Chews are processed naturally, and exceed federal requirements. In fact, they’re minimally processed, making them one of the healthiest treat options. Dogs can’t resist this naturally meaty treat, that helps to strengthen the jaw and clean the teeth. They’re also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Why We Recommend Open Range Water Buffalo Chews:

  • A naturally made and naturally processed treat
  • Chewy, and excellent for dental health
  • Less fat and cholesterol than beef
  • Made entirely from water buffalo
  • Exceptionally high in essential vitamins and nutrients
  • A proudly Canadian product


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