Petmate Precision 2 Door Great Crate


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Petmate Precision 2 Door Great Crate is a comfortable and safe place for your pooch. It features two separate entrances for multiple placement options. A precision lock system that secures in five locations will ensure your pet’s safety. This crate is excellent for growing pups, too! It comes with a removable divider panel to allow space to be adjusted as they grow.

Petmate Precision 2 Door Great Crate easily collapses to roughly 2 inches for easy transport. This durable crate is made with strong heavy-gauge wire and a rust-resistant, black electro-coat finish for longevity. It has a removableĀ  pan for easy cleaning. Replacement pans are also available. This unit is available in 5 convenient sizes. The smaller sizes, models 1000 and 2000, come with a top door. The larger models have side doors, making them more convenient for larger pups. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Petmate Precision 2 Door Great Crate:

  • Safe and comfortable
  • 2 separate entrances
  • Locks in 5 locations
  • Divider panel included for growing pups
  • Collapses for easy transport
  • Durable
  • Removable pan
  • Ships Canada-wide


Petmate 2-Door Great Crate 19″

GRC 1000

Petmate 2-Door Great Crate 24″

GRC 2000

Petmate 2-Door Great Crate 30″

GRC 3000

Petmate 2-Door Great Crate 36″

GRC 4000

Petmate 2-Door Great Crate 42″

GRC 5000

Petmate 2-Door Great Crate 48″

GRC 6000

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Product Weight 10 lb 17.6 lb 22.6 lb 29.8 lb 41.4 lb 48.2 lb


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