PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potty Pro with Hike Shield


PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potty Pro with Hike Shield is the perfect way for your pooch to do their business indoors, without any mess or odour. This innovative indoor potty features a realistic turf top layer, with rapid flow drainage, and liquid-absorbing reusable pads. It’s top layer designed to mimic the feeling of grass, encouraging your pup to use the potty. The hike shield is perfect for privacy, and for containing messes. Plus, it fits all styles of pooch pad potties and replacement pads.

PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potty Pro with Hike Shield is great for potty training, patios, or for at home dogs. The reusable liquid-absorbing pad locks in messes, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for your pet. Because of its high absorbency and odour control, it can be urinated on multiple times before washing. This unique potty has a snap fastener system, allowing you to build a potty for any size dog, or even multiple dogs. It includes three 16” x 24” reusable PoochPads, one PoochTurf mat, and one PoochGuard hike shield. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potty Pro with Hike Shield:

  • Realistic grass-like turf
  • Comfortable footing
  • Customizable
  • Ideal for puppies and pet owners with small apartments
  • Reusable pad that is absorbent, leakproof and odour-resistant
  • Great for potty training
  • Ships Canada-wide


For customizing to fit your dog’s needs

  • Use one potty for dogs up to 20 lbs
  • Connect two interlocking trays or snap together two absorbent pads to build potties for dogs 21-30 lbs
  • Use three potties for dogs 31-45 lbs
  • Use four or more potties for dogs 45 lbs and up
  • For multiple dog use, combine weights of dogs to calculate the number of potties required

Do not machine wash PoochTurf Mat


  • Launder washable PoochPad before first use for best fit and absorbency. Some shrinkage of the PoochPad will occur after washing
  • Pad can be used with PoochPad Indoor Turf Dog Potties
  • Pads can also be used alone. Place one or more PoochPads (logo side up) in areas where your dog has accidents or where you would like your dog to urinate indoors. Pads can be connected to build larger potty areas with convenient built in snap fasteners
  • PoochPads can be urinated on multiple times before washing
  • Unsnap pads before washing. Wash in regular cycle with detergent in warm to hot water. You can also pre-treat your pads with PoochPad Stain & Odour Eliminator (sold separately).
  • Excessive use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners can cause and reduce the absorbency of PoochPads
  • To dry PoochPads use permanent press medium heat dryer setting. PoochPads may also be hung to dry


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