Aqueon Ammonia Neutralizer for Aquariums



In every pet fish tank ammonia levels will continue to rise over time. This is mainly because of fish waste. It is also because of uneaten food breaking down. Tap water used to fill fish tanks can also contain ammonia. This can be harmful for fish. Aqueon Ammonia Neutralizer is designed to neutralize unwanted ammonia and nitrites without the need to change the water in your tank.

This product acts as a water conditioner, too. This is because it can neutralize unwanted chlorine. You can safely use Aqueon Ammonia Neutralizer on both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Always avoid overcrowding your tank or overfeeding your fish to keep your tank water in the best condition. 

Why We Recommend It:

Neutralizes harmful ammonia and chlorine
Great for freshwater or saltwater tanks
Comes with a convenient dosing cap


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