Aqueon Water Conditioner for Aquariums



Aqueon Water Conditioner for Aquariums effectively neutralizes chlorine in tap water. This makes it safer and healthier for aquarium fish. It also stops harmful chloramines. This is important to reduce stress on new fish, that are being introduced to a new environment. During transportation, fish can lose the protective slimy coat that covers their skin and gills. Aqueon Water Conditioner helps to restore that coating, making your new fish healthier. For Betta fish, try Aqueon BettaBowl Plus water conditioner: specially designed for smaller fish bowls that have limited filtration and water circulation.
Why We Recommend It:

Quickly neutralizes chlorine and also chloramines
Helps new fish to rebuild their slimy covering
Makes water safer and cleaner for aquarium fish
Especially great for cleaning tap water


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