Kaytee Bunny Bites Carrot Toys for Small Animals


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Kaytee Bunny Bites Carrot Toys are a fun and delicious treat that your small pet will love. This four pack of cute wood chews is an excellent way to stimulate and entertain your pet. Ideal for guinea pigs, bunnies, rats, chinchillas, and other small pets!
Kaytee Bunny Bites Carrot Toys help to improve your pet’s dental health, as well as their overall well being. Keeping your pet busy and entertained prevents cage boredom. The colours used in this product are USDA approved and safe for pets. This product also fits on the Kaytee Treat-K-Bob.
Why We Recommend Kaytee Bunny Bites Carrot Toys:

A treat your small pet will love
Promotes dental health and natural chewing habits
Keeps your pet entertained
Safe and non-toxic
Fits with Kaytee Treat-k-Bob


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