Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel for Small Animals



The Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel is an excellent way to encourage your small pet to exercise. This sturdy, durable exercise wheel features a solid running surface, which makes it safer than some wire or mesh exercisers. It can also be used either free standing, or attached to the side of the cage. It is designed to be safe for your pets tail, too, so your pet won’t get hurt getting on or off of it. 
The Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel comes with a convenient and sturdy slip that makes it easy to attach to the side of any wire cage. It also comes with a heavy duty wire stand for free-standing use. Available in sizes small, large, or giant. 
Why We Recomment The Kaytee Comfort Exercise Wheel:

A safe, solid running surface that is safe for tails
Can be used free-standing or attached to your pet’s cage
Comes in a variety of sizes
Encourages your pet to exercise


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