Finding the right cat litter can be a gamechanger for cat-loving households, which is why this Odour Buster cat litter review will help you make an informed decision. We love this Canadian brand, that focuses on controlling unwanted odours.

There are several options to significantly reduce litter box odours, and selecting the right cat litter is one of them. Hundreds of litters exist in todays market, made with everything from paper to corn cob. But which cat litters are best at controlling odours? In the crowded marketplace that is cat litter, finding the right product can quickly become overwhelming. This is especially true if you have a high-maintenance kitty (or many of them!).

There are many well-made cat litters, so when comparing different brands of litter, there are a few things to look for: clumpability, moisture control, odour control, composition, dustiness, and texture.

“This brand has an interesting history that makes it stand out from other brands of cat litter; it started off in the agricultural sector.”

We put Odour Buster Premium Clumping Cat Litter to the test, an all natural litter made from sustainably mined bentonite clay. This product makes some very good claims about their product, and we wanted to find out for ourselves, so we put it to the test in a three- cat household.

Odour Buster has an interesting history that makes it stand out from other brands of cat litter; it started off in the agricultural sector. This means it is designed to control tough odours in pig pens and chicken coops. After proving it’s superior odour control in barns, it was then adopted for feline use.

Features of Odour Busters Premium Clumping Cat Litter:

  • Dust free cat litter that has been through 8 de-dusting stations before packaging
  • Daily maintenance free: does not require daily scooping
  • Foul odour free: made to control agricultural odours from pig pens and chicken coops
  • Perfume and Chemical free
  • Made from all natural materials

Their claims of superior odour control, a dust free litter, and low maintenance requirements are exciting. But, are they true? Could this really be a litter that controls odours and mess completely? We tested this product for 7 days to find out.

What We Discovered:

First of all, Odour Buster’s claims of being dust free are completely true. There was no visible dust when we poured the litter into the litter box. Dust-free litters are ideal. Not only do they eliminate the extra cleaning that comes with dustier brands, but they’re also safer for allergy sufferers. Also, the fine granules make this litter quite soft. Many cats don’t like harder, coarse litters.

Odour Buster Premium Clumping Cat Litter at Canadian Pet Connection

Secondly, let’s talk about the odour control. The unique formula used in this brand is originally designed for agricultural use. This means it is used in chicken coops and pig pens. This is significant, because barns require a heck of a lot more odour control than litter boxes do. Their unique formula uses eight different ingredients designed to eliminate odours and bacteria. Because it is so successful, it is now available as a cat litter. This is why Odour Buster cat litter is so efficient at decreasing cat box odours. In fact, Odour Buster’s odour control is so good, that it can decrease how often you need to clean your litter box when compared to your regular brand.

Next, Odour Buster claims their litter does not need daily scooping. According to Odour Buster, this litter performs for up to a week without being scooped. While we weren’t about to try that with 3 cats, we did leave the litter alone for 3 days. Odour Buster did a great job demonstrating it’s odour controlling potential. This is great news for all sizes of households, from the single kitty home right up to cat rescues. And Less frequent litter changes will also stretch your cat litter budget.

Odour Buster Original Premium Clumping Cat Litter at Canadian Pet Connection

We are pleasantly surprised with Odour Buster cat litter. Not only does it meet our expectations, but it truly lives up to the hype. This litter clumps and controls odours as well as anything on the market, and will be well-received by even the finickiest felines.


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