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Across Canada, there are over one thousand pet rescues focused on rescuing, aiding, and rehoming dogs, cats, and even exotic animals in need. Among these animal rescues include 170 SPCA or Humane Society facilities. As veterans in the fight for animal rights, these organizations have paved the way for accessible pet services in Canada for over a century. They’re champions of kindness and compassion, making Canada truly a better place for animals and pet owners alike. 

No animal shelter is more deserving of recognition than the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS). Located in Collingwood, Ontario, GTHS has been operating since 1999; originally named The Collingwood and District Humane Society. Over the last 22 years, GTHS has expanded to support animals in need across all of Southern Georgian Bay, a vast area that has very few resources for animal welfare. As a result, GTHS has become the epicenter for animal rescue within a one hour radius of their facility.

Grass Roots

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society began as a rescue operation, saving cats and dogs and adopting them out to loving homes. This was originally made possible by a team of compassionate volunteers, fostering animals in their homes and donating countless hours to raising funds and awareness for the shelter. These amazing volunteers tended to the needs of the animals in their care, from providing love and affection, to basic care and exercise, veterinary appointments, and more.

In 2006, the Town of Collingwood graciously donated land for the purposes of building, and in 2007, GTHS broke ground on their first official facility. By 2010, a shelter was ready to welcome animals in need of new homes. Today, GTHS’s facility now includes indoor and outdoor dog areas, two separate rooms for cats, staff offices, and even an animal hospital. Currently, GTHS has grown to include staff members, over 300 volunteers, and a large board of directors.

To date, the GTHS has rescued, housed, cared for, and adopted out over 10,000 animals in our area. 

This is impressive for an organization that relies entirely on the kindness of fundraisers and donors to continue operations.

While the GTHS continues to adopt animals out to loving homes, their services continue to expand. In fact, GTHS’s innovative services are reinventing pet rescue, setting new standards for animal welfare and support in Canada.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the ways Georgian Triangle Humane Society is improving the lives of animals in our community:

Low Cost Spay & Neuters

Spaying and neutering of animals is an important aspect to controlling the homeless animal population in any community. GTHS offers low cost services for families who may struggle with the costs of this surgery.

Microchip and Rabies Clinics

Microchipping and rabies vaccinations are two services that save lives. For many families living paycheque to paycheque, these may be unaffordable expenses. GTHS offers these services at a very low cost for pet owners in need, helping to keep pets protected in our surrounding communities.

More pets being vaccinated against rabies has the added benefit of lowering the spread of rabies within our community.

Pet Pantry

For many families, it can sometimes be difficult to put food on the dinner table, let alone in their pet’s bowl. GTHS works with local retailers and other donors to acquire food for their year-round Pet Pantry Program. This program works similarly to a food bank, but for pets. The Pet Pantry Program provides families in need with pet food to get through tough times.

Emergency Medical Assistance

Sometimes, emergency veterinary care is necessary to save the life of a pet. For some families, the cost for these services can be too much. This can force families to make the difficult decision to euthanize a pet who could otherwise be saved. GTHS has their own pet hospital within their facility, providing emergency assistance to those who qualify. While some restrictions apply for this program, it is always the goal of the GTHS to help as many animals in need as possible.

Emergency Boarding

Sometimes circumstances arise that can make it impossible for a pet owner to care for their pet for a short period of time. This could be due to a medical emergency, temporary homelessness, or more. GTHS offers short-term emergency boarding services for those in need who meet their criteria.

Community Cats Program

This unique program aims to reduce the stray cat population by spaying and neutering feral cats. These are cats that are too feral to be considered good candidates for rehoming, but can reproduce at an alarming rate. Trapped feral cats can be spayed or neutered at the GTHS at no cost to the volunteer who catches them. 

Our friends at The Georgian Triangle Humane Society are able to offer these vital programs thanks to the generosity of donors and fundraisers. Their services are invaluable, and the entire GTHS team can hold their heads high knowing they have made an unforgettable positive impact on thousands of families in our surrounding communities.

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